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♥Wednesday, June 10, 2009, [Driving License]

Today is a momentous day so I decided to blog after such a long time. I got my driving license on my first attempt. Hurray!! My driving test was around 2.45pm and I had a warm-up session at around 1.50pm. Even though I got some demerit points during my test, I still managed to pass it. Thank you God for your guidance!!

Since I am finally blogging, I would like to give an update on what has been going on. I have decided to go to Brisbane and study in the University of Queensland. I am taking my a commerce course and hope to major in accounting and finance on the 2nd year. I most probably will be living for Australia on the 8 July.

Tomorrow is the day of the PC fair. I really need to go for the fair and buy a laptop. Maybe on the 1st day of the fair will be less crowded because I really hate the crowd. The IT fair in March was so crowded that people had to squeeze from first floor all the way to the fair itself. I was working for a lenovo redemption counter at that time and really hated the crowd.

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6:14 PM

♥Saturday, July 12, 2008, [SJI VS EVS]

Watch SJI's awesome match with EVS. They totally thrush them with all Ipons. Their total matches lated less than 3 mins.

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7:43 PM

♥Tuesday, July 08, 2008, [Judo National Team Championship]

Posting in my blog after such a long absence. This year was really busy. Anyway, today was the Judo National Team Championship A division Girls. *Sigh* we lost to RJC and NYJC. But, a good fight was put up. Sam manage to beat a blue belt RJC girl who is heavier than her. I only fought with an NYJC girl, but lost. I could have beat her, but still I lost...life is really filled with disappointments.

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8:07 PM

♥Monday, January 21, 2008, [Time Flies]

WOW it really has been a long time since I UPDATED my blog. Since school reopened, I didn't have much time. Its already the 4th week of school. Yesterday was my parents' birthday. Well, happy belated birthday. Sorry but I didn't was very busy during the whole week so didn't manage to find time to buy you all gifts. I promise to get the presents over this weekend.

Time has really seem like a shortage. Not only are there lots of homework given, but there is also cca 3 times a week plus Chingay training. Tests are also coming up with the 1st being Econs essay on Wed. Better allocate time to studyxD Music theory exam is also coming real soon in March. I really need to practise it alot...hoping to get a distinction for it.

Well, I better go sleep already if not I will have lack of sleep. Blog again when I find the time.

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10:51 PM

♥Saturday, December 15, 2007, [long time no blog]

Its been a long time since I blogged. Lots of times have happened since. Holidays are already more than half way through. During this time, I had a Mawai Eco-camp which was fantastic and worked at Dynasty Travel. In the former, I made many new friends and had great fun even though the camp was literary going back to nature. There was no electrocity, hence we had to rely on touchlight to see our way around at night. Our resthouse was exposed to nature, with insects even making it part of their home. Still, I had an enjoyable time. Never have I felt more fortunate that I have electricity in my home and a personal bathroom which do not run out of water.

Working at Dynasty is great. The people there are wonderful. Even though there is a really stressful and hectic working environment, I love my job a lot. It is really sad that tomorrow is my last day working there. I'll really miss the constant ringing of the phone and helping to sell tours to customers. Many times, I had to face unhappy customers who complained nonstop on the phone and had to overcome the difficulty of satisfying the customers -both those who already booked a tour and those who have not. It was difficult to answer customers at times since some of them are really unreasonable and want things their way now although it was impossible. There are also few full time stuff free to help us (elton, kelvin, simeon and me). So we had to overcome many problems ourselves or just wait until help is available. But many times, the wait is very long and the customers become impatient and call back demanding for service.

Anyway, tomorrow is finally the last day of work because I am going to Hokkaido with my family. We have to reach the airport at 9.30pm. We'll come back on the 21st of Dec. Even though there is still time before the holidays end and I can still work, my mum doesnt want me to as she wants me to study. This is a good idea since I have not even started on a single holiday homework. Well, I got to go already, will blog soon.

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12:54 AM

♥Saturday, October 20, 2007, [at home^^]

While my sister when to orchard for her chinese tuition, here I am stuck at home. Well I guess thats not all that bad. Anyway later at around 6.30pm I would be leaving the house to meet my church friends. We are going to Tan Tock Seng Hospital today to visit Samuel. Really pray hard to God that Sam will recover fast.

Anyway, I uploaded my Alaska trip photos in facebook. If you like, you can go view them. I even took pictures with my neighbour's new puppy, Noodie. She is a super cute dog and is only a few months old. It was such a delight carrying her in my arms. I really wish I can own a dog for my own but of cause my mum would never approve of it. Oh well, I guess I can just play with Noodie from a distance then.

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5:45 PM

♥Tuesday, October 16, 2007, [promo results!!!]

Here is the overall grades for my promo exams...
Physics: C
Chem: E
Math: C
Econs: C
Chinese: B

Adding to my mid-year grades, the final grades are d,s,c,c,b respectively. Well, horrible results as you can see but at least I can promote. Well, now all to worry about is Chinese a-level exam coming on 29 Oct and PW oral presentation (OP) on 31 Oct. I am extremely worried for OP though. Up till now, my group has still not thought of what to do for it. Anyway better think of something quick.

On Sat was my 17 birthday. Sheryl came to my house in the morning around 10am to watch some movies. She had to leave at 3.30pm though because she had some church stuff. Sunday, went to watch Balls of fury. The movie was not as bad as I thought because hearing from some of the reviews from my friends, it was bad. The movie turned put quite hilarious.

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9:36 PM



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